Help inspire fun, generosity, and Katie pride!

If you loved your St. Kate’s experience and are excited to share what makes you a proud Katie, become an ambassador today! Each year, we rely on volunteers like you to help promote Give to St. Kate's Day, our biggest day of giving. 

As an Ambassador You'll:

  • Be Katie proud! Through social media, email or text, share why you love St. Kate's and why Give to St. Kate's Day is important to you.
  • Be Generous! Support Katies and lead by example by making your gift early on Give to St. Kate’s Day.
  • Be Inspirational! Use your voice to inspire others to support students at St. Kate's! Each ambassador will receive a customized referral link to share with family and friends to track their impact. Each time someone makes a gift using your link, you'll be credited for inspiring that support! 

Frequently Asked Questions:      


Will I really make an impact by becoming an ambassador?
 YES! Here’s how: 

  • The more people who spread the word, the better! A personalized call-to-action from a friend or classmate is one of the most effective ways to inspire others to participate!
  • St. Kate’s social media accounts reach thousands of people, but not everyone follows St. Catherine University. With your help of simply posting or sharing a Give to St. Kate’s Day post, we are able to reach hundreds more alumni and friends.
  • Your voice is unique! In a world full of opinions, use your voice to inspire positivity and generosity. Your enthusiasm will encourage others to support the next generation of Katies who need your help.

What if I am not well-connected on social media?
You can spread the word by texting, emailing, or calling your Katie friends and classmates. If you are interested in contacting a specific group of alumni (swim team alumni, retired faculty, classmates, etc.), we are happy to share updated contact information with you. Contact to get a list of former classmates. 


What is the time commitment of being an ambassador? 

Ambassadors oftentimes set aside about one hour to promote Give to St. Kate's Day over a course of a few weeks. However, there is no required time commitment. Ambassadors typically send emails and post on social media before Give to St. Kate's Day as well as on the day of giving, November 16. 


Who can I talk to if I still have more questions?
We’d love to help! Please reach out to us at or call 651-690-6786.